About us
SharingDiamond tools Co., Ltdis the division of Xiamen Sharing Group. We are supplying high quality Diamond Tools in China with more than 5 years, especially for the stone (Granite, Marble) working industry. Also we have good experiences in the Concrete, Asphalt, Ceramic cutting & polishing tools of construction field. Wish you a good and pleased start with “Sharing Group”!Toknow more of us, please click:meet the team We were set up in 2001 and are today China's pioneer an... [MORE]
 Concrete Wire Saw Project
Concrete Drilling Project
Wall Saw Project
Stone  Sawing & Cutting Project

Universal Wheel
Plunge Set
Concrete Wire Saw Machine
SG9 Diamond Wire
Wall Saw Machine
New Electroplated Wire
Concrete Ring Blades
Marble Wire Saw
Squaring & Cutting Wire Saw Machine
Squaring & Cutting Wire Saw Mschine
Concrete Blades
Wall Saw Blades
Laser Welded Stone Core Bit-Dry
Stone Core Drill Btis
Concrete Core Bit-Dry
Concrete Core Drill Bits
Core Drill Machine
Diamond Core Drill
Diamond Multi-Wire
Granite Wire Saw
Concrete Wire Saw
 Concrete Core Drill
Wire Saw Machine
Wire Saw Machine
Wire Saw Machine
Wall Saw Machine